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Our Havelock plant produces many products for the agriculture industry


Through extensive field research, Graymont successfully introduced an innovative agricultural liming material to the Maritime farming community. Hydra-Lime+ provides financial returns to the farmer two to three times greater than if conventional liming products are used. This is accomplished by producing higher crop yields and better quality tubers.

Hydra-Lime+ contains three sources of calcium with different solubility:

  • 10% hydrated lime: Calcium is immediately available since 90% of the product passes a 300 mesh screen.

  • 10% gypsum: Calcium continues to be available throughout the growing season.

  • 80% magnesium limestone: Calcium availability extends over a three year period. This continues to maintain or build soil calcium levels.

Hydra-Lime+ is also balanced to supply the correct ratio of calcium and magnesium. To ensure maximum nutrient availability the calcium/magnesium ratio should be approximately 8:1 in the soil. In addition to calcium and magnesium, Hydra-Lime+ also contains sulfur to help boost crop yields.

The following table illustrates the soil enhancement provided by 2000 lbs. of Hydra-Lime+ per acre:

2000 lbs. Hydra-Lime+ per acre                
100 lbs.  
44 lbs.  
496 lbs.  
36 lbs.  
80 lbs.  
Ca/acre (Hydrated lime)
Ca/acre (Gypsum)
Ca/acre (Mg limestone)
S/acre (Gypsum)
Mg/acre (Mg limestone)