Southwest Calgary Ring Road

Greenfield, Calgary, Canada

January 11, 2023
Southwest Calgary Ring Road


Mountain View Partners

Products Utilised

Pulverized Quicklime

The Southwest Calgary Ring Road consists of 31 kilometres of six- and eight-lane divided highway, 14 interchanges, 47 bridges, one road flyover, one railway crossing (flyover), one culvert set, one tunnel, as well as three river crossings over the Elbow River and Fish Creek.

Alberta Transportation signed an agreement with Mountain View Partners (MVP)to design, build, partially finance and operate the ring road project. The design and construction of the project was contracted to KGL Constructors and construction began in the summer of 2016. It was identified early on in the project that the soil conditions were less than ideal and they would require fortification and treatment to ensure the project specifications could be achieved and the project schedule maintained. Graymont was selected to supply pulverized quicklime to dry and fortify soils and to aid the client to build a workable sub surface for the project.

Graymont’s technical team worked with the client to establish application rates and the logistics team worked directly with the onsite construction team to ensure timely deliveries of lime. Pulverized quicklime was spread and worked into the sub surface soils at a depth of 8-12 inches and compacted resulting in an excellent base from which the new roads and over passes could be constructed.

For the construction of 31 kilometers of six- and eight-lane divided highway, Graymont delivered nearly 20,000 metric tonnes of pulverized quicklime to various locations during 2.5 construction seasons. The southwest portion of the ring road was open to traffic in 2021.