Agricultural Limestone

Graymont produces a range of crushed and graded limestone based products that are used in agriculture. These products are commonly referred to as Aglime. The primary function of Aglime is to act as a soil conditioner by increasing soil pH, which represents a natural way to increase the productivity of soils in a wide range of soil conditions. 


Aglime is an off-white pulverized limestone powder comprised mainly of calcium carbonate.  It is manufactured at many of our sites to suit local specifications for handling and to meet local agronomic expectations and standards.

Aglime is often applied to encourage improvements to not only chemical and biological attributes but also to assist with the management of soil structure. This occurs by increasing a soil's water-holding capacity which in turn helps crops better tolerate drought or wet conditions. 

Soil Structure

In the right conditions, finer grades will have a higher surface area and may react more quickly in soils with higher acidity. The rate of reaction will depend on a number of factors such as soil type, moisture content and the soil pH prior to application.

In addition, Aglime has been shown to improve the effectiveness of other fertilizers by improving pH and creating the right conditions for other nutrients to be more mobile and readily absorbed by plants, while also adding calcium to the soil.


Boosting the pH

In Australia, Graymont also supplies the agricultural market with high neutralizing value products that can boost pH, including hydrated lime, GBA, quicklime and lime kiln dust. Dolomitic limestone products are also available from a number of our locations.  For further information please contact our sales team. 

Aglime products are available in various formats including bulk, sacks and paper bags on request. Please contact our sales team to enquire about Aglime.


North America - Available from several sites across Canada and limited sites in the USA.

New Zealand - Available in both the North and South Islands. Aglime is Fertmark certified. Please note that moisture is added to Aglime at appropriate times to minimize dust and improve consistency.  Aglime is also BioGro certified and is annually audited against the local BioGro standards. 

Australia - Available from supply points across the East Coast of Australia and Tasmania. Please note that moisture is added to Aglime at appropriate times to minimize dust and improve consistency.

Malaysia - Aglime is available under the product name of CalCarb. See the relevant product page under Pulverized Limestone products for more information.


Aglime users should be aware that agricultural limestone is a dusty product that can cause a reduction in visibility, depending on how it is handled and/or local weather conditions. This risk should be assessed before use including, but not limited to, the impact on operators, farmers, nearby moving vehicles and the general public. Aglime should be spread by a qualified professional contractor in accordance with applicable industry codes of practice.

Did you know?

After processing, products derived from limestone can eventually revert to their original chemical form by reacting with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or from industrial processes.