Mine Discharges

Quicklime and hydrated lime products can be used to assist mining companies manage liquid discharges from active, inactive or rehabilitated mine sites. 

Water Quality Checks

Lime is often employed for pH correction and the management of acid mine drainage (AMD) which commonly evolves from sulfur bearing minerals when they are exposed to and react with air and water.  The appropriate application of lime will also assist mining companies to contain and manage any entrained metals in surface waters. Lime addition may also assist to further clarify water utilizing the coagulation properties of hydrated lime which also thickens sludges and improves the ability for the operator to stack and store the materials it is applied to.

For further information refer to Tailings Treatment and Storage in the Mining section of our website. 

Mine tailings

Did you know?

Lime is among the oldest and most vital materials used by humans. Most ancient languages have a word for calcium oxide. In Latin it is calx, from which the name of the element calcium is taken.