Niagara® Lime Putty

Niagara® mature lime putty is a high-purity dolomitic lime putty product that is fully slaked and screened for immediate use.

Brick Tucking and Pointing

This product is aged for a minimum of two months and has exceptional plasticity that is beneficial in dry mortars such as those used for tuck pointing. It is formulated to allow for volume proportioning equivalent to dry hydrate additions in compliance with specification standards ASTM C270 for cement-lime mortars.

Niagara® complies with ASTM C1489 (lime putty for structural purposes). Niagara® mature lime putty is available in 45-gallon drums or three-gallon pails.


Niagara® Lime Putty products are available from our Genoa plant and ship broadly across the US and into Canada. Please contact our sales team to enquire about Niagara® Lime Putty. 


Did you know?

Lime is among the oldest and most vital materials used by humans. Most ancient languages have a word for calcium oxide. In Latin it is calx, from which the name of the element calcium is taken.