Our Commitment

Graymont is committed to achieving industry leadership in sustainability — in accordance with its mission to contribute to a decarbonized world by providing essential lime and limestone solutions.

Thanks to the high quality of its mineral deposits, production facilities and people, Graymont is well positioned to meet the increasing demand for lime stemming from a  heightened global emphasis on environmental protection. Moreover, the Company understands that it is obligated to develop those mineral deposits in a manner that meets world-class standards for environmental, workplace and operating practices.

We are aware, too, that more stringent environmental regulations and increased societal expectations with respect to industry performance and behavior could well present challenges for the operation, expansion and long-term viability of the Company going forward.

Graymont regards such challenges as opportunities to further improve our health and safety performance, minimize our impact on the environment, and foster meaningful relationships with communities and other key stakeholders. To that end, the Company has adopted a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) action plan, designed to drive continuous improvement in these crucial areas.

Of course, meeting these challenges and making good on our sustainability commitments necessitates a strong team effort: there is a fundamental expectation within Graymont that all employees share in the responsibility for developing and maintaining a sustainable organization.

Details of our many sustainability related undertakings and initiatives may be found in Graymont's annual Sustainability Reports.