Technical Services

Join a talented and empowered team to collaborate across the organization and deliver world-class performance. The Technical Services team provides a wide range of engineering services in support of Graymont's functional groups and business objectives.

Project Engineering

Responsible for all aspects of engineering, procurement and construction of infrastructure developments at all locations.

Process Engineering

Implement changes to our production processes to optimize yield, minimize waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Engineering Support

Supports Graymont to adopt state-of-the-art technology at our operational facilities and responsible for the development of new processes to bring new products to the market.

Decarbonization Engineering

This team plays a crucial role in helping Graymont to minimize its carbon emissions as we contribute to a decarbonized world.

Mining and Geology

The design and coordination of mining activities, resource exploration, tenements management to ensure adequate resource life and sustainable mining practices.

Maintenance & Remote Operations

Implementation of Graymont’s Maintenance Excellence Program, upkeep of plant reliability and regional planning to coordinate essential maintenance activities. This team also controls our state-of-the-art technology to remotely operate our lime kilns across multiple geographies, regions and locations.


Our lab chemists and chemists perform product quality testing and work in cooperation with product development activities to help Graymont confirm that customer product specification and emerging market needs can be met.

Quality Assurance

Coordinates our Quality Management System.

A very important part of our mandate is to collect, communicate and apply industry wide and Graymont best practices and leading technologies in the above areas. This requires effective partnering with all functions, application of technical knowledge and a continuous search for excellence.

Our Technical Services team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies including 3D component design software, emissions monitoring and thermal imaging units, real-time production data capturing software (PI), and advanced automated process control.  They also have access to a comprehensive reference framework of guidance, such as industry and project engineering best practices and historical equipment performance and cost data bases.

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