Competitive Remuneration & Benefits

Graymont’s competitive remuneration enables us to retain and attract the talent we need to be world class in providing lime and limestone solutions. Our focus on total rewards enables us to extend the competitiveness of our remuneration beyond base salary. 

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  • Competitive remuneration - we provide competitive compensation to remunerate our employees for their contributions.
  • Retirement Benefits – in all countries we have retirement and health benefits, many of which exceed legal responsibilities.
  • Wellness program – our wellness program is provided to every employee. From healthy eating practices, sleeping techniques, fitness strategies to competing with friends and between workgroups, the Graymont Wellness Program helps all employees improve their health and quality of life.
  • Employee & Family Assistance Program – this is available to all employees. It’s a private and confidential service that helps our employees seek support and guidance on managing a wide range of personal matters. This can help employees get the help they need and is another way that Graymont takes care of its people.
  • Years of Service Awards – we reward our team for the service they provide us through this program. After 1 year, 5 years, and every 5 years thereafter employees receive icons for their Graymont Careerscape display, comments from colleagues in their very own Graymont yearbook, along with a gift chosen from a wide selection of products.