Galong Lime Plant – Approval Documentation

Graymont operates the Galong Lime Plant under its development consent determined by the Department of Planning & Environment.

The following links provide access to documents, as required by the consolidated development consent DA-317-7-2003-I MOD4.

  • Development consent DA-317-7-2003-I (consolidated 2023)
  • Environmental Impact Statement Galong Lime Kiln Project (2003)
  • Modification Application DA-317-7-2003-I MOD3 (2015)
  • Coal Storage Modification Report MOD4 (2022)
  • Coal Storage Submissions Report MOD4 (2022)
  • Water Access Licence 30047 (converted from 40BL189001)
  • Water Supply Works Approval 40CA411901 (converted from 40BL189001)
  • Complaints Register
  • Operation Environmental Management Plan
  • Environmental Enhancement Strategy
  • Annual Review Report