Stone & Rock Dust

Graymont manufactures carefully graded pulverized limestone for application in underground coal mines to assist miners to manage and mitigate the risk of coal dust explosion.

Coal dust

The practice of applying stone dust / rock dust in mines dates back to the early 1900's. Stone dust or rock dust serves as a heat sink material that can assist to prevent or suppress coal dust explosions through the absorption of heat and energy from any gases and radiant energy present in a explosion. 

Stone dust and rock dust products are made to meet local industry specifications and are supplied in various packaging types. 


Stone Dust is available from selected sites on the East coast of Australia.

Rock Dust is available from our Pleasant Gap plant in Pennsylvania and Cricket Mountain plant in Utah, USA.

Please contact our sales team to enquire about Stone Dust or Rock Dust.

Did you know?

There are three distinct types of limestone, defined by their magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) concentrations. These types are Dolomitic (35 to 46% MgCO3), Magnesian (5 to 35% MgCO3) and High calcium (less than 5% MgCO3).