Quimex Lubricant Additive

Quimex is a high quality specially formulated hydrated lime designed for the lubricant industry.


Quimex 95 has very low levels of minor constituents such as iron cxide and aluminum oxide and silicon oxide. It is often utilized in both high and low temperature lubricants. Quimex 95 is also versatile and can be used in other specialized chemical processes including plastic fillers, waterproofing agents and de-icing products. 

Quimex 97 is also available by request. 

Quimex products are available in paper bags, sacks and bulk.


This product is shipped by both truck and rail to customers in North America, and also is exported to customers in other parts of the world. Please contact our sales team to enquire about Quimex.

Technical information

Did you know?

There are three distinct types of limestone, defined by their magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) concentrations. These types are Dolomitic (35 to 46% MgCO3), Magnesian (5 to 35% MgCO3) and High calcium (less than 5% MgCO3).