Calcimate® Grit

Calcimate® is made from high grade limestone and is tested daily for purity and fineness of grind. Calcimate® was introduced in 2001 in New Zealand and has been part of the animal feed supplement industry for over 20 years.

Calcimate® is now available in the Australian market starting in the state of Victoria and is being manufactured locally to the same high standards that all Farmers should expect. 

Calcimate® is sold in two size classes including Calcimate® Fines and a Calcimate® Grits. 

Calcimate® Fines

Calcimate® Fines can be utilized across several animal classes including: Dairy, Beef, Swine, Poultry and Sheep. 

Calcimate® Grits

Calcimate® Grits are a graded limestone chip screened to a specific lower size and upper size for customers manufacturing high volume poultry feeds and smallholders  wanting to purchase a high calcium product for feeding backyard birds.

Calcimate® products are tested daily and Victorian manufacturing sites will soon be accredited against the Quality Assurance Standard for the FIAAA (Food ingredients and Additives Association of Australia). FAMI-QS. FAMI-QS is a worldwide Quality and Feed Safety Management System for the sector of specialty feed ingredients. These standards represent compliance and attention to Good and Safe Manufacturing Practice, relevant State / Federal Legislation and Customer Specifications.

Calcimate® products are supported with appropriate application guidelines and is available in size formats including: bulk, 1000kg+ sacks and 20 kg paper bags. 

Further Product Information

Calcimate Dairy Application Guidelines, 2021 – A application guideline designed specifically for Dairy Farmers
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Did you know?

Limestone, the most important and abundant sedimentary rock in the world, is formed by the compaction of the remains of coral animals and plants on the bottoms of oceans.