Selected Graymont sites manufacture a variety of Roadbase and Subbase materials that are well graded and consist of various sized materials ranging from coarse to fine fractions.

Products are configured to promote compaction and resist distortion when placed by a qualified roading contractor. 

Type 2.1, 2.3 and 2.5 Dry (Or pugged) Roadbase material is used predominately as a base material in road and pavement construction, and due to the crushing process and attention to specifications it is known for its excellent physical characteristics and workability.

Graymont’s Calliope (QLD) and Attunga (NSW) sites can manufacture Roadbase to meet certain Main Roads Specifications (MRTS05 06-09, Pages 1 to 16) and NSW 3051. Further information is available upon request. 


Did you know?

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